Bookmaking Jam

A bookmaking Jam is a social technology for the creation of a book in a very accelerated fashion.

Participants are invited to answer pre-selected questions that related to the theme of research which will afterwards be collected and compiled by an facilitation team. individual entries are signed and dated by participants to signify authorship.

Participants are also given legal waivers which, matched to their individual entries, submits them to the publication conditions of the final work.

Any entry without a waiver is discarded.

Material produced and collected can benefit from a loose format, where participants can write, paint, draw, photograph their answers as desired.

Furthermore, the final compilation should not be too willfully assembled (by trying to put things next to each other that carry certain meanings). The material should be allowed to speak on it’s own.

This technology is free to use for all, under the by-nc-sa Creative Common Licence.

A more in-depth document will eventually be produced to help facilitators everywhere organize their own such activity.

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